Ability to make nested clozes

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It is easy to do what you want with two close fields. Text1 contains {{c1::a}} {{c2::b}} {{c3::c}} and Text2 contains {{c4::abc}}
Front and back templates both have

Multiple close fields are very useful and are not sufficiently described in the manual.

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It would still be better if such extra fields or add-ons like Closet weren’t required.

The current cloze script isn’t really parsing but rather regex-replacing the cloze commands. Might be naive, but I don’t think it would be all that hard to implement :thinking:

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Sorry but I know very little about scripting and parsing, etc. Perhaps as you say it could be easy to implement such a nested construction. But it seems to me that the method I suggest is very simple and clear to use. Perhaps easier to use and understand than a complex nested format.
Also two cloze fields are simple to create. It is a built in feature of Anki with no add-on required.

I agree that this would be helpful to have nested close deletions.
@BratchePlumb, the method you suggested is straightforward but requires keeping two (or more) copies of each card’s text in sync. That quickly becomes cumbersome.

Objection noted. I guess it is a tradeoff between syncing the extra text and clearly seeing and understanding the contents of the clozes.

why not both. It’s not like they are mutually exclusive. If someone wanted to do one way or the other one he should be able to.

While we are discussing improvements to cloze deletion, I think it would be cool if we could have an option to hide the brackets around the hint.

Sometimes when I’m working with math, I want to change a variable name so that it doesn’t give me a hint (for instance if I see a set called K, that often means it is compact or a cone). So it would be cool if we could pass keyword parameters to a cloze deletion similar to a Python function: {{c1,hintbrackets="off"::K::A}} so on the Cloze 1 card, “A” is shown (with no brackets) and other Cloze cards, “K” is shown.

Would there be any other keyword parameters that might be useful that you can think of?

Right! If nested clozes were implemented one would have the choice of either method. Until then use two fields for nested or overlapping or whatever clozes.

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I am having difficulty with the “command + shift + c” tool working consistently while using the cloze option. I’m not sure if anyone would be able to assist.

I have resorted to using the button inside of the card itself, but it really does slow me down. Any insight is helpful!