Selecting text in a field should highlight the same text in the HTML editor

Here’s an idea that I think would improve the quality of life when creating and editing cards.
When you select text with your mouse in any field, the text should also appear highlighted in the HTML editor, for an easier and faster workflow.
This could be very useful to make quick changes of the selected text in the HTML editor.

Here is an example:
I’m editing one of my fields, which contains a large quantity of information. This is because it’s a context field with additional info that appears separately when you answer a card.
I want to turn this selected text into a header. So I’ll open the HTML editor to put it within <h3> tags.

However, the HTML page is so vast that it takes a while to find what I’m looking for. Doing Ctrl + F is not possible either.

Here’s how it could look if this idea was implemented, the selected text in the first image would be highlighted it in the HTML field like in the example below:


This seems like an unusual use case. Fields in Anki would normally contain a short question and a short answer, so that there’s a clear-cut, specific bit of information that you’re testing whether or not you remember.

Might it not make more sense to put all this supplementary text in a webpage that you would link to with an URL link that appears in an Anki field?

This example contains a rather large field, not all of my cards are this long, but sometimes I do create cards that contain more than just a few lines of text. I am aware of the brevity rule. The text in the example is in an extra context field that is meant to show additional information after you answer the card.

I believe that implementing this idea would streamline the process of creating and editing cards, even when they are small. After all, a small increase in speed applied repeatedly can save a significant amount of time in the long run, in addition to making it easier and more enjoyable to edit in the HTML field.

Another point that I would like to make.
I study programming in Anki and I use a code highlighter to make the code in my cards look readable.

Here is an example of one of my cloze cards:


Sometimes, I’ll want to make a small change in a word or something, but it doesn’t help that the HTML field looks like this:

So, if I could simply highlight a word in the field and have it highlighted in the HTML field, it would save me a ton of time!