Is it possible to code only specific words inside a text but not the entire text?

I’m struggling with the formatting options a bit at the moment. I’m using Basic type cards and want to highlight only certain words to appear as coded (see screenshot).

The cards are actually presented using HTML. So you can format the target phrases or words using HTML (e.g. just make them bold, change their colour, change their font), etc.
The easiest way to do this, is to load the notes into a spreadsheet (e.g. LibreOffice Calc), add the HTML around the phrases or words you want altered, and then import those cards into your Anki deck — but select (i.e. tick/check) the option to allow HTML on import.

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I think the easiest solution is using the built-in HTML editor, isn’t it?

Easiest solution is to select the words, and use the bold or italics options. If you want the text colored as well, you can adjust the card styling, eg b, strong { color: red; }

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