Words are not transferred in bold and color when transferring files to Anki

I make some words bold and red in a sentence in Excel and import the file to anki. but these words are not imported to anki as bold and red. They are transferred like a normal word, like any other word. What is the solution for this?

Hi there :slight_smile:

To keep your HTML styling when importing the file, make sure to switch the “Allow HTML in fields” toggle to “on”. It is located on the import screen right below the “Field separator” entry.

See the documentation for reference.

Dear Hildeguard, I tried it but it doesn’t change anything. I also saw the documentation. It didn’t work. :frowning:

Mhh i see that i made some wrong assumptions. Sorry about that.
Maybe you can use search and replace in excel to look for all words that are bold, and wrap them like so: <b>word </b>. Although i’m not sure if that is possible in excel. If it is, then do this, and then import them, with the “Allow HTML” toggle switched to true.

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I don’t know either. forget it. I’ll make necessary changes in anki. thanks.

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