Anki colors inside fields

I am exporting a card where i added some color with the editing tool. I can see:

"<font color=""#fc0107"">H</font>ello world!!!<br>" "<font color=""#20ffff"">B</font>ye!!!<br>"

as been exported in the txt file. So my expectation is that when it’s reimported, it will show the colors in the sections of the text fields.

However, when I rei-mport the file; I am getting this in the view:

<font color="#fc0107">H</font>ello world!!!<br>
<font color="#20ffff">B</font>ye!!!<br>

What is the right way to escape html in a note field?

“Allow HTML in fields” option must be checked.

I use this add-on for export. I also make cards in spreadsheet and import as csv.