A question regarding editing a field

I’ve been using Anki to memorize words in Japanese that I “mined” on my own. But sadly I forgot to configure this certain mining deck properly.

So the way the deck works as of now is that the front of the card has the sentence already displayed with the word I want to learn highlighted in red. But I feel like this is a bit too inefficient for me to learn, so I wanted to change it to something like this:

The front of the card has the word I want to learn, then the back has the sentence for context and word definition plus an audio of a native speaker sounding out the sentence (Anime).

I’ve successfully copied all the text from the sentences field to the readings field using advanced copy (add-on), and that lets me keep all the formatting including font color. However, my next question is:
How do I erase all the text but the ones highlighted in red?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

To simplify what I want to do in a graph:

Regarding your first question, you have to edit your card type (“Cards”) put the relevant field where you want:

Front Template:

Back Template:

Regarding you second question, try this:


Make sure you export a backup before experimenting with Find&Replace, and check to make sure your cards are ok afterwards.