How edit all cards at once


i recently changed my anki laptop background, and have since been trying to add cards with a black highlighted text, so it is easier to read against the background. But with my old cards, it is going to take wayyy too long to edit each one individually
i want to edit/batch edit all the cards to all have a black highlight on the text, no matter which card it is - i’ve seen videos which show how change the colour of the answer text, or question text in all the cards - and that involves some coding in the fields section - but i can’t find how to do the same thing but with highlight text instead of changing the colour?

Is there a way to do this?
Thank you for any suggestions

Steer clear of editing individual cards, but adjust the template using CSS: Styling & HTML - Anki Manual


I reckon you’re using a bunch of different notetypes? Maybe you should reevaluate your background image and make some adjustments to it (e.g. reduce opacity, add a blur effect) or choose a less complex image.

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thank you i will try that!

yeah that’s right - i guess i can ofc change my background haha but was wondering if there was a card editing solution
thank u!

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