Wrong font color of english sentence

I was using anki for months, but today I was accidentally select all document, and i see there’s entire word in english, cause it’s not visible without select on normal behaviour.

Let’s change this font color.

There’s screenshots:

That is not a screenshot

see this

Select the text in the editor and use the Text color button.

I don’t see it, where i need to go and open?

It’s this button in the editor.

Ok, it works, but it change only for 1 card.

I want to change to all cards from deck

Take a look at these recent posts. The advice there should help you too.


Ok, now i see i need to edit entire template of this cards.

I was edited this css:

If somebody need it in the future, you need to open a cards settings(browse cards)

And then click this button Cards…

@Danika_Dakika Thanks for your help <3

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