Font colour does not change even after changing the code in styling section

Please share your html for the card, too.


Whoa, I won’t even try to figure it out.
Let’s hope for someone more competent to help you with this.

For a quick fix, I can only offer a simple but radical solution: Remove all span-tags altogether. At your own risk. Back up your data first. Then try it on one note only. If it works, widen your selection to include more notes.

In the browser, select one of your notes, open Search and Replace (Ctrl+Alt+F), then enter this in the Search-field:

Leave the “Replace with”-field empty


You’re setting a bunch of colors in the text of that card, and those are getting in the way of Styling controlling the colors on your card. You’ll have to remove those to get your card back to “plain” text that you can control at the note-type level.

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