Mass change the colour of certain words


I want to change the word “intransitive” to blue and “transitive” to green for all cards in my deck… is there a way to do this enmasse?

Thank you!

try the find and replace feature

card browser → notes toolbar button → find and replace

or ctrl-alt-f

To see the styling you should use, color a world in the color you want, then click on the <> button in the editor to see the underlying HTML code.

There are a few ways, but first I think you’ll first need to figure out – what is making them appear in those colors? Then you’ll know what to change.

  • If it’s set in the text of the notes themselves – then yes, Find & Replace, and the tags in the underlying HTML will be the places to look.
  • If it’s set in the Styling for the notetype, or in the front/back templates for that card – then you’ll want to look at those instead.

Thank you for your help. Find and replace does not let me change a black text word for a green text word for example… as far as I can tell.

The styling is just the standard settings I believe:
“.card {
font-family: arial;
font-size: 20px;
text-align: left;
color: black;
background-color: white;”

I am not sure how to set a conditiion such as:

if word = transitive, set its colour green

Ah, my wife knows some programming and helped me!

Like the commenters suggested, we defined a class in the styling sheet. Then we used find and replace to replace the word i wanted to change (say transitive) with the word transitive + the html code to link to the styling class.

Thanks all!

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Wives are the best! :grin:

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I’m just 18 but can totally see that. Having a spouse must be nice especially when they complement you!

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