Change color of RED text to other RED shade in all 30,000 cards


I have created over 30,000 cards in the medical field and use different colors to annotate diseases, drugs, process, etc. I recently decided to change the color of certain words from once shade of red to another shade of red. How do implement this change on a mass scale simultaneously for all 30,000 cards without having to correct each card as i come across it? Is there a way through the card design interface where i can look up only red words and change the pantone shade?

Any help would be appreciated.


Determine what html is used to color the words in the current shade of red. If you select one of the cards, focus the field with red text and press ctrl+shift+x, you will likely see the markup. For example, it can look like this <span style="color: red">text</span> Then use the built-in “find and replace” menu to change the color. Select all cards and replace color: red with color: your-color.


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