Need to fix anki

Yesterday I Deleted every file I had related to Anki in an attempt to start again from step one, however Anki is still on my PC and whenever I try to uninstall I recieve a message stating “Windows cannot find C:/Program Files/Anki/uninstall.exe” when starting up anki i recieve a message stating error loading Python DDL ‘C:/Program Files/Anki/python38.dll’. LoadLibrary: the specified module could not be found.
I’d like to get Anki off my PC and start again, how can I go about this?

Try to install Anki again. If something happens during the installation, restart your PC, manually remove C:/Program Files/Anki and install Anki again.

Regarding starting from ground zero with all your data removed, there’re a few options:

  1. Deleting %APPDATA%\Anki2

  2. Specifying a custom folder location with -b option.

  3. Maybe using a different profile.