Anki uninstalled

Hello there,

I havn’t used anki for a month and today as I opened it was uninstalled. Please help me with restoring all the cards I’ve prepared. I need all the data and my exam are around the corner.
As I open the anki now it say windows is locating file but its not there. I don’t know if its updated or what?

Please someone look at this issue. Thank you.

What do you mean with “uninstalled”? What is the exact error message you are getting?

Its just not opening, I 've been using it for two years. Now over clicking the icon it says windows is searching to browse the file. I’ve also ask friend and her anki is also not working.

If you’re using Windows, anki.exe should be in the default installation folder: C:\Program Files\Anki
If for some reason, the program was uninstalled and you still have your data files on your data folder (I’d recommend making a backup copy of this folder beforehand), reinstalling Anki should be safe.

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ok I’ll try that. Thank you

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