Can't redownload anki

Hi there if anyone could really appreciate it, so I was trying to ppen anki on my laptop and it wasn’t working. It would just come up with a loading symbol for a few seconds but still not opened so I deleted it from my windows then tried to redownload it but anytime I do it says ‘Anki.exe is already running. Please close it, then run the installer again’.

I’ve been going through my files for anki so that I can try and delete any anki files on my PC so that I can redownload it but it won’t seem to let me and I really need anki for when term starts in a few days.

Have you tried force quitting Anki (e.g. How to force quit an app in Windows - The Verge) or restarting your computer?

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ah i think thats worked thank you so much!

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