Need help restoring anki from a sync

I recently had my computer wiped to fix a bug and was doing anki on my phone and computer while my computer was in the shop. Since my computer was wiped i dont have access to my old anki backups that contain the image and file information which was last synced on saturday june 24th. I am wondering if there is any way to go back to that last sync from saturday?

Do I understand you correctly: You synced Anki on your computer to AnkiWeb on Saturday. Then you did your reviews on your phone, while the computer was erased. Now you got your computer back and also want to have your Anki content on this computer again?

If this is correct, I would sync Anki on your phone with AnkWeb, install Anki on the computer, log into AnkiWeb from the application and sync it with your up-to-date content from AnkiWeb.

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