My overall retention rate is around 90 percent for young cards and 94 percent for mature cards. Being that said, would it be feasible to tweak my card settings making them appear lesser than they do? Experts please suggest

Thats pretty a good retention rate. That depends on the settings you are currently using. What is your currrent starting ease?

I use default settings but since I’ve seen @AnKingMed recommended settings I’m thinking to change these. At the same time I’ve apprehensions that I may mess up with settings, hence taking guidance here.

Those settings are recommended for medicine students. If that’s what you are studing go ahead. If not, I would follow the rule: if ain’t broke it, don’t fix it.

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I think you’re right. Shouldn’t mess with it.

To see if your Deck Options are producing a good retention, the one month chart is what one should look at, IMO.

Also, if you study two or more subjects, each deck retention-% should be evaluated separately.