My long term use case is no longer supported by the latest version of Anki (2.1.46)

I have a template that had been working pretty efficiently for building up my vocabulary, until the latest version (2.1.46).

It contains fields like:

  1. word: the wording I want to memorize.
  2. example: an example sentence to demonstrate the usage.

The example field is optional, because some word’s usage is clear enough that it doesn’t need an example sentence, but when the example field is provided, it contains a cloze marker, so that when the card is displayed, I can use a template like

<div class="example">{{cloze:example}}</div>
<div class="definition">{{definition}}</div>

to type the word out while hiding the word in the example sentence.

Changing the note type to cloze forces me to provide an example, so I didn’t do that. Previously, I could just use a regular note type with the example field optionally containing a cloze marker, and it would work flawlessly, but after upgrading to the latest version, previous cards still work, but I’m unable to create a new card.

I wonder if it’s possible to somehow change my template to continue supporting this use case, or I was using Anki in the wrong way?

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Or if there is a way to make cloze notes not require a cloze marker?

It seems 2.1.44 allowed such usage, but I have upgraded my Anki profile, and 2.1.44 says it’s not possible to downgrade.

So I’m stuck right now, can’t add words to my current deck.

If you wish to downgrade, you can do so by downgrading with the latest version:

The cloze filter was only intended to be used on cloze notetypes. Blanking out part of the text on the front side could be accomplished with some Javascript instead. - either something like Closet, or I seem to recall @kleinerpirat posted some similar recently.

Thanks a lot @dae.

Closet seems to be exactly what I need, I’ll give it a try.