Cannot cloze unless field ends in name cloze

  1. Prompt shows : Cannot cloze unless field ends in name cloze

  2. when I use {{c1:word}}, Anki doesnt hide the clozed word during preview.

  3. Front and back part of flashcard is the same containing {{c1:word}}

This seems to be an add-on. In vanilla Anki cloze notetypes must be clones of the builtin cloze notetype and as for the add-on, I’d try to following the hint.


Hello! Im not sure if I understand. What add-on should I use for cloze?

Here are the codes:

You don’t need any add-on but apparently you have one installed which is putting out the warning message.
Now, the template you have posted looks fine, except that the field reference doesn’t match the actual field name.
You can either:

  1. Change the references from {{cloze:Text}} to {{cloze:cloze}} or
  2. change the field name from “cloze” to “Text”.
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Oh gosh!! I wouldn’t have done it without you @Rumo Thank you so much! It’s working now :slight_smile:

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