My laptop has died with Anki saved to it locally - how can I access this data?


My MacBook Air has died with all my A-Level Anki flashcards saved to the laptop. I do not have an Anki web account - is there any way that I can access this data remotely?

Many thanks for any help.

I’m sorry about that.

Did you back up your MacBook storage to an external drive or backup service? Has your MacBook still a hard drive that can be removed?

If no, have you considered professional data recovery?


Sadly not :frowning:
I am looking into data recovery and keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks so much for responding - tough lesson to learn.

Has the device already been diagnosed?

They thought it was the screen - so I tried linking with a USB-C to HDMI cable to the TV but that didn’t work, so I’m sending it to Macrefresh as it’s still under warranty. They have assured me that they’ll recover data if poss.

Good luck!

Thank you so much!

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