Anki cards lost due to water spilled on macbook

Hi everyone,

I have a macbook air M2 chip. I spilled water on it last night, and this morning it was lagging. The computer has now stopped responded to the keyboard and trackpad. I did not sync my cards, and am not sure how I can access my cards now. I have an IPad and im hoping the best case scenario is that I can get the cards back onto there. Can anyone help me find a solution to get my cards back???

I’m so sorry! Water is such a jerk!

Getting into the hard drive is going to be a question for Apple support. But once you’re in, the folder you need to salvage is Anki2 – check Managing Files - Anki Manual for the location.


You’ve had an AnkiWeb account for a few years, and have data on AnkiWeb, so is it possible your data was being automatically synced each time you opened or closed Anki? If so, you can sync your iPad and choose ‘download’ to fetch the data from AnkiWeb.

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