Laptop died - is my anki lost?

Hello, your help would be much appreciated.

I downloaded anki to my MacBook a few years ago and started making lots of flashcards for medical school without making an account with anki or checking if my card were being backed up/synced (I know it’s silly :frowning: ). My laptop has now died on me (black screen of death issue) and I am worried that I without access to my laptop I no longer have access to my cards. Is there any chance my cards were being synced to the anki cloud automatically? If so how do I check for this since I do not recall ever making a username and password account. Tysm for your help xx

Unfortunately, if you haven’t made a manual backup of your data or synchronised your collection to Ankiweb there is little chance of recovering your data.

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Anki creates local backups regularly. Your laptop being dead doesn’t necessarily mean the hard drive of your laptop is dead as well.

So what you could do, if you put in a lot of effort into your deck and you want to absolutely restore it, is take apart your mac book and take out the storage - given your Macbook doesnt have a soldered on Harddrive. (I suppose its either a SD, NVME or a classic HDD)

If you don’t know anything about these things talk to some person at the repair shop about what you want to do… it all depends on how valuable your collection is to you.