Anki - Laptop Syncing and Retrieval Help


I have been using Anki for the past few months and have a lot of data on there for medical school. My laptop completely died yesterday and will not work with charge or any other keys.

I am afraid that getting my laptop fixed will remove all my Anki data that I have worked on so far. When logging into my account online through my Ipad, there is no data to be seen. I’m not sure if this is because my laptop Anki was not syncing the entire time.

Is there anything Anki can do so that my data can be transferred or saved? I have no access to my decks besides by turning my laptop on but that is not an option here. I really need some help.

Thank you

Unfortunately, if there’s no backup, and the sync feature wasn’t activated, it’s going to be difficult to get your data back.

However, maybe your laptop is dead, but the hard disk is still OK; in that case you could recover your collection from here:

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