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For feedback, support or bug reports on any of my addons

Hello, i’m writing here about “Session Timer”, would it be possibile to make it able to track the time spent reviewing from mobile?
Because right now this is what it looks like

Thank you very much for the addon !!

Well it’s a session timer, I can’t give you the percentage of time you were active on mobile(or it’d be 100%) :stuck_out_tongue:
It also doesn’t track the time if you close and reopen the anki client. I made it to track procrastination with the client open. If you really want a change I’ll consider it but I’m not sure what or why you want it :stuck_out_tongue:

hello it seems to not work in new version of anki ⁨2.1.42. It doesn’t show anything, it doesn’t work. The program even has disabled option of configuration for me. I tested it separate( to ensure there is no conflict between other extensions)