Feature request: Remaining time

I’ve been an avid user of Anki for about a year now and, a month ago, I purchased the AnkiMobile app. However, I know that due to Apple’s safety requirements, add-ons can’t be added through the app.

I was wondering whether any native capability for a feature like this (Remaining time (for Anki 2.1) - AnkiWeb) would be coming soon - I know AnkiDroid has a feature like this already.

Merry Christmas too!

This was a built-in feature in Anki years ago, but was removed as it a) wasn’t very accurate if you were taking a variable amount of time/editing some cards/etc, and b) was pretty demotivating when you had a large backlog. It may come back one day, but probably only if those points can be addressed somehow.


Ok; it’s better if there’s not one at all than an inaccurate one. Many thanks for all the hard work you do with Anki once again!

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There are plugins for this, but it would be pretty hard if not impossible to overcome the issues listed; how is a plugin going to gauge “motivation”? And also if you step away or spend time editing. There’s a reason all the “time remaining” dialogs in computers are all pretty universally bad.