Are there an add-on that displays the estimated time remaining in Anki Desktop like AnkiDroid does?

I needed to use AnkiDroid for the first time last week - as I was away from my PC - and found this very interesting feature that helped me to keep more focused on getting the reviews done.
Are there an add-on that brings this features to Anki for PC?

I’ve looked into Anki Droid’s code and, if I understood it correctly, I found that this is the script to display the remaining time (from line 190 on):

And this one has something to do with the total number of cards and the estimated time:

If there’s no add-on with such features for Anki Desktop, I hope some skilled user get interested in developing it (and please make it compatible with version 2.1.44, if possible).

There is More Decks Stats and Time Left - AnkiWeb, but would be a nice feature to see “time average” displayed in “reviewer” just like AnkiDroid, with the option to remove it in case of user preference

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Just found this post in other forum. It seems that the add-on I described before does exist.
Does anyone here know what add-on is this?

Thank you!
This add-on is helpful but it’d be nice to see this information displayed in the reviewer as well. I just checked its source code and I guess that this may be achieved by changing the last two lines:

aqt.deckbrowser.DeckBrowser._renderStats = anki.hooks.wrap(
    aqt.deckbrowser.DeckBrowser._renderStats, renderStats, 'around')

If I understood it correctly, these lines wrap the information generated by the code above it around the stats that are displayed by standard in the deckbrowser. So, maybe it could be modified to display the information in the bottom bar of the reviewer (or somewhere else) instead.

I don’t know (yet) how to do it, though.

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Yeah, that’s it. Thank you!

Got it: