Displays the data of the pack being studied on the side of the answer

I can not upload a picture to explain my intention,
In the “Question side” there is a bar that says how many questions are left for the end of the package, new questions, old questions and recurring questions
I want this bar to appear on the Answer page

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Are you using a custom notetype? It will be cumbersome to help you without having access to the code.

New users can’t post links, but perhaps you can upload a sample note to AnkiWeb (Actions → Share) and send the id (the number after info) here.

e.g. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/377971067
(id is in bold here)

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I know how to insert code in cards
But writing (js) I do not know

Ah sorry, I didn’t understand your post correctly. I thought you already had such a progress bar and just want to make it disappear on the front.

Sadly, there’s no cross-platform way to achieve this, because Anki doesn’t offer a JavaScript API for the reviewer to access the backend - which is necessary to know the progress of the review session.

Anki Desktop

There are two add-ons that implement a progress bar on Anki Desktop:


AnkiDroid offers its own JS API and the devs have published a sample script on their wiki: AnkiDroid Javascript API · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can do for you right now. Perhaps Anki offers an API like AnkiDroid’s in the future - then creating such a progress bar (and many more cool things) will be possible without add-ons.

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Thank you for your help !!

I see you still do not understand what I mean …

Probably my fault, I may not have explained enough

I’m a recipe for a bar that already exists
It is displayed regularly when the question is displayed.
I attach a picture in the link

@noty’s picture: image

This is displayed if “Show remaining card count during review” is checked in the preferences. It’s part of a small webview that won’t last long enough to justify writing an add-on for it.

I’ve been working on a rework for the main window that unifies several webviews (including that one), with the intention to provide it as an optional code path some time after 2.1.50. Perhaps we can find an unobtrustive way to show that info on the question side.