My audio isnt working

They work fine in my ankidesk and pc but on my phone it does not load, even though it is on the mp3 format. How can i fix this?

Did you recently sync them to your phone for the first time?

Yes. I created my decks using an Ai to save a lot of time and it works well on the web and pc but not on my phone. This is the website in question ; AnkiDecks

Then it sounds like the information in that link will apply to you. Even though AnkiDroid isn’t specifically mentioned, it has the same background sync as the other platforms. Just be patient and keep trying.

If you want to take a look and see whether it has progressed – you can Check Media on Desktop Media - Anki Manual and Droid AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual . The number of “missing” files should drop each time you sync.

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Please note that the stable AnkiDroid release is still using the old syncing system, unless the new backend is enabled in the advanced preferences.

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