Multiple Questions with Single Answer/Context

There should be the ability to create notes with multiple questions but a single answer/context.


  • Questions stay together on a single topic
  • Easy to create cards based on lecture slides.
  • Easy thematic quizzing on a subject group
  • Easy learning of more complex structures/procedures

Major advantage:

  • Compared to separate cards, although with the same answer each time when creating, one could thus edit/adapt the answer/solution/context for all cards together.

Proposed layout:

A [some more complex diagram or text etc.pp.]

It should be possible to sort the questions in their order at any time.

similar to this How to Use Anki Effectively - 10 Question Tutorial [Part 3] - YouTube ?

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There is the ability to create notes with multiple questions but a single answer/context.

Just use the first field as the context/answer and add a few extra fields for questions. Then use conditional card creation for each of the fields.

If you do not want Anki to create an individual card for each field, you could randomly choose one of the questions with JavaScript. Let me know if that’s something you want to learn more about.

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This goes in the right direction, but is limited to the number of fields defined in Card Type.

This is an inherent limitation of all forms of Anki notes (except those of type “Cloze” - but those are capped at a max of 500, too).

Personally, I’d like to see a change to conditional card creation such that no additional fields are required.

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Also think that further development effort is needed here.
It should generally be assumed that a note generates n>=1 cards. This would solve many problems and create many possibilities. (Concept)

How would you implement your suggestion in JS?
… So that all separate questions are represented as:

  1. one card, would be asked one after the other?
  2. one card, but this one would be randomly selected?

With method 2, of course the problem would be that there is no question specific separate Anki statistic.

I was referring to the latter approach, so one card with random question. Like you said, this is only really feasible for very similar questions (e.g. synonyms).

That is the current assumption in Anki. Am I misunderstanding you here?

Regarding conditional card generation: It would suffice to offer a way for add-on authors or users (via template) to explicitly set the number of created cards. Whether it makes sense and what’s done with those lies in the hands of the user.

Couldn’t you already do this by having one note type with multiple card types and fields? You could have one field dedicated for the answer, and add as many card types and fields for all different kinds of questions. Something like 20 card types and fields sounds like it would be more than what you would ever need…

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OP doesn’t want to be limited:

For basic Q&A cards, yes. But Image Occlusions, long cloze texts or a combination of various card types in a single notetype can easily exceed 20 cards.

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how do I enable this view inside the card template editor? Like how much more clear it is …

ohhh. and since the last update there are some design changes … but it is now slow af.

There should not have been any major performance regressions since 2.1.50. Which previous version did you update from?

Your screenshot is from an older version, and that layout is no longer supported. It looks clear when you have very simple templates, but becomes cumbersome as the amount of template text grows.

ohh. that’s a pity, I spontaneously liked the layout very much.

No. sry. cant remember… But it might habe be even older than v2.1.50

But I have another problem. Have now written a javascript script that is imported from different cards.
The script is stored here: “%APPDATA%\Roaming\Anki2\User 1\”.

Problem: Locally this all works fine. Also the first version seems to have been synchronized. But my changes to the script do not seem to be/ or not always/… synchronized. Do you guys have a solution?

similar: at section “## Help! My .js/.css updates are not showing up on AnkiDroid”

But it must also work without extra addon or not??

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hey maybe this could appeal to you!?