Request a feature - multiple cards on "one card" - without changing note type

Sometimes I’ve been studying a note using a “passive phase” of learning - then I want to increase the difficulty of the card to an “active phase” or learn something else about the note.

First, I don’t want to have multiple cards on a note (for a start I have hundreds of thousands of cards) and second, I want to retain rescheduling data built up.

It would be good to have various “card types” without creating many cards and then be able to change each note individually to suit the needs of one’s learning.

I think this can be done with change note type but it would be good to have this on the fly all on one note.

One could argue that changing the piece of information you’re trying to learn about a card while retaining its scheduling info is no good for memory.

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Point taken, it’s an argument but every user is different. Anki is a tool for someone to learn individually rather than being subject to an algorithm. Anki already lets users tamper with the algorithm why not the cards?

It could be as simple as having a setting where you have many cards on a note but only one card will ever exist for that note in the browser. There could be an option to choose only one card from a drop down menu when studying and also in the browser so you can select a number of cards.

I’ll give you an example of what I’m working with. I have hundreds of thousands of sentences in a foreign language each sentence is the context for learning a word.

Easier sentences and words appear early on and words are repeated often. So you start to learn in context passively.

At the moment when I want the earlier cards in the deck to go from passive to active, I switch the notes and make the sentence a cloze card. I have a lot of success with learning this way.

With a Chinese deck I’m working on this would be even more useful. Sometimes with some cards I just need to focus on the passive learning of the word other times it’s the tones of the word I need to concentrate on. Other times it’s listening or writing.

On top of it never actually being “as simple as” people make it out to be - it would only clutter the program even more than it already is and deter new or lightweight users from using it. All for the good of, as far as I can tell, one person that needs that specific feature.

However, Anki is already very customizable and powerful as it is. Some of your desired functionality could be achieved using JavaScript - although at that point I don’t know if the effort would be smaller than simply changing the note type whenever you need it.

If that’s where you want to take this, I’d be happy to provide some pointers, or even whip up a quick solution if it’s easy enough.

Yes the concept is easy but I’m not a coder so you’re quite right I don’t know how much trouble it would be.

Cluttering up the program is not my intention. But it could be as simple as having an extra note type next to the cloze note to choose from rather than something that is ever present.

Obviously I’m only speaking from my own experience but I think it could make a lot of peoples Anki experience easier especially when working with large decks. Maybe it would become an essential tool.

If you’re willing to help and can whip something up quickly that would be great!

Let’s agree to disagree.

For that I’d need some more information. What does your note-type look like, and what do the different states include, etc. Is it only two states, so ‘passive’ and ‘active’ as you call them, or is there a potentially higher number of configurations?


Each note has several fields. There potentially could be several cards for each note.

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