New column to indicate whether notes/cards are enabled

New column to indicate whether notes or cards are enabled.

Currently, in the manager overview, cards are color coded, but this does not apply to notes.

Simple column (e.g. ´enabled´) would have some advantages:
[+] sortability / easy sorting
[+] display can be switched on and off
[+] less aggressive representation
[+] greater universal comprehensibility
[+] custom marked notes/maps would stand out more

Representation quite simple: such as " " (empty) and “✓”

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Well I think that is because some notes with multiple cards can have some suspended and some unsuspended. You can’t suspend a note per se because your are actually suspending cards. So showing an indicator for notes would be meaningless unless you are suspending/unsuspending all cards within a note without exception, which I don’t think most users would do. even the is:suspended anki browser will show a note both for and without (i.e. -is:suspended) if a note has mixed suspended cards.

Well, I would use this feature often, because searching and editing cards of an imported deck in the notes view is much easier.

Especially many large stacks work with the method that the user first deactivates the complete stack and activates further notes/cards according to his own learning progress. Doing this efficiently and not losing the oversight is time-consuming with the current display.

In any case, the management of the cards should consume as little time as possible. A simple view of which cards belong to which note and which of these are activated is missing.

Proposal: Improved overview of notes and cards within note view

sorting field enabled
𝅏 note 1 ~
card 1
card 2
card 3
note 2
note 3

The enabled view of notes is based on its cards. If all of them are enabled, the note is also considered enabled. If no cards of a note are enabled, the note is also considered not enabled. If a subset of the cards of a note is enabled, the note is considered partially enabled (‘~’).

Context menu of a note row:
- Activate all cards
- deactivate all cards

My use case is that I would like to be able to see when all of a note’s cards are suspended so that I can remove it from my deck. I don’t believe this is currently possible, even with some fancy searching :thinking:

Your best bet might be to write an add-on to do this. Seems unlikely anyone from anki dev team will take this up.

You know sql by chance? If so you might be able to get a list of noteids that match your match criteria from the SQLite database. If I get time one evening, Ill try to see if I can write something to get you started.