Feature request - visual feedback depicting when a Note's cards are suspended/unsuspended

In the Browse screen (when Notes mode is toggled), it would be nice to add visual feedback/highlighting to depict when a Note’s cards are suspended/unsuspended (similar to the already-existing visual feedback/highlighting depicting when cards are suspended/unsuspended when the Cards mode is toggled)

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The question is what makes sense to display when you’re viewing by note. If one card is suspended? If all are suspended?

Can you please rephrase your reply? I’m confused on what you mean

I think dae meant, that from cards view there are only 2 states: card is either suspended or not.
From notes point of view there could be multiple states, as 1 note can have many cards: no cards of the note suspended, one card of the note suspended, some cards of the note suspended, all cards of the note suspended.
Because of that it’s not obvious how to indicate those different states, so they will be visually clear for the user.


I see now, thanks for explaining. For the two states of cards, we have two colors. Maybe we can have 4 colors for the 4 different states of Notes you mentioned?

@dae @szalejot , another way to do this is to maybe present a small popup notification (that automatically disappears) to indicate when a Note (in Note mode) is fully suspended, fully unsuspended, etc. . This could apply to the Cards (in Cards mode) too. Maybe this pop-up notification can eventually replace the current highlighting system (in the future).