Add the option to suspend/unsuspend Notes

It would be nice to add the option to suspend/unsuspend Notes. Currently, it is only possible to suspend/unsuspend Cards.

You can already do that:

  • The review screen has the “Suspend Note” option.
  • The browser has Cards > Toggle Suspend, which also suspend all cards of selected notes in Notes mode.
  • How do I display the Review screen? What I was referring to is adding the option to suspend/unsuspend Notes in the Browse screen.

  • Correct, (“Currently, it is only possible to suspend/unsuspend Cards.”)

I was referring to the option under the More menu that appears when reviewing.

I don’t understand what you mean. Doesn’t the Cards > Toggle Suspend do what you want?

  • I see, I was referring to adding the option to suspend/unsuspend Notes within the Browse screen while Notes is toggled on.

  • It does. However, I like to search for cards in the Browse screen with “Notes” toggled on, so I don’t have to fish through as many items/Cards (which is the result of searching with “Cards” toggled on). Currently, I am having to search with “Cards” toggled on, sifting through relevant cards (by making sure they are the same/belong to the same Note that I am interested in unsuspending), selecting many cards (as opposed to just selecting the note they belong to, which makes the task take longer (as opposed to having the option to unsuspend a Note and its relevant cards by right clicking on a Note when “Notes” is toggled on)

I agree it’s inconvenient to suspend cards when in Notes mode, mainly because there’s no color.

You can’t suspend/unsuspend cards in Notes mode… and yes no highlighting either

You actually can, but no visual feedback is shown. Again, Cards > Toggle Suspend work in Notes mode too.

I see, found it (thanks for pointing it out). In this case, I’ll post another suggestion to add visual feedback/highlighting of when a Note/its cards are suspended/unsuspended