Suggestion - UX improvement for suspended cards

As the title says i created this topic to suggest an improvement regarding the way suspended cards are shown. As of now, when you suspend a card it becomes yellow, but if you then also mark (or flag) the card it becomes purple, and you have no quick way to know if it is suspended or not. Also, i feel like that bright yellow color looks a bit unaesthetic.
So i’m suggesting something like this (i made this little concept with from my laptop so yes, it’s really ugly and it should be improved a bit but I hope you can understand what I mean).
This looks like much better to me; it should be relatively easy to implement, and this way you can easily understand if a card is both marked/flagged and suspended.
Thank you for all the work you made for us Damien, and let me know what you think!


It’s true that graying out the text is similar to a paradigm people are used to seeing for inactive elements in a UI, so it seems appropriate.

The problem is it’s a much more subtle indication - if you’re scrolling through a list it’s easy to see at a glance if cards are suspended when they’re highlighted in yellow, but grey text tends to get overlooked.

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I agree with @aPaci, even if the yellow is more visible on scrolling, I think the benefit of having the used-to association of greyed out <-> disabled/inactive element outweights that, plus I also think it looks better.

This is certainly true, but i think that we could somehow tweak those suspended cards with both grayed out color and something else, for example a slightly clearer background color, in order to make them more visibile at a glance

As of now the highlight color is overriden following this priority: flag > marked > suspended.

The point is to be able to visually indicate more than one case at the same time, so either combine the colors to create a new color (yellowish purple) for cards both suspended and (note) marked or either use a different setting for coloring. For instance, marked could be changing the text color, while suspended can keep the highlight yellow color.

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Even if from a conceptual point of view I agree with you, imho you have to keep in mind that from a usability point of view it would be really confusing (expecially for the new user) to have two times the colors that we have now to make all the combinations between different flags, marked and suspended. Another idea could be to add a new column to the extreme left of the browser with the status of the card, but again i don’t think it would be nice or particulary useful. If our goal is to make something extremely intuitive and also easily usable (that i think is the goal of the UX field?), we could simply take a look at what other programs do to reach this result and try to imitate them. As far as i saw the majority of the programs tend to fade a certain item when you suspend it. It’s really simple to integrate also. Then we could improve this to make it instantly visibile to the user, and i think we could do this simply tweaking the css a bit.

So what’s the verdict? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any strong feelings about it, but would like to see a strong demand for it before making a change.


Agreed; even something simple like adding a “suspended” tag similar to how marked cards get a “marked” tag would make things more clear. I’ve also accidentally suspended marked cards, only to much later realize their absence from review.