Flagged Tags w/Suspended Cards

Hey @dae,

I wanted to see your thoughts on an enhancement for flagged cards. Currently I have a system where I will flag school related cards. I have found it hard to identify when a flagged card is suspended vs unsuspended since they appear the same color in the browser. What are your thoughts on having a different shade of the flagged color for suspended vs unsuspended cards? Or you could have a zebra/tiger stripped color to indicate suspended? Im just tossing ideas around from my head.

I also understand the suspended cards can be seen with () around them, but I figured having a color identifier is a lot easier to see when searching through a sea of cards.

Sorry, I think that would make things too complicated. A better approach may be to use icons instead of backgrounds to represent one and/or the other, but I don’t have any time for that at the moment.

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Understandable. Maybe in a future release.