Multiple audios for a note?

Hey all!
I have a collection of forvo audios in which many files have pronunciations for the same expression. Is it possible to somehow use regex so these get picked at random? Or maybe have them all play, and not only the one that matches exactly with that filename?

Eat.mp3, Eat (1).mp3, Eat (2).mp3 and so forth

Thanks for the help!

I don’t use audio, so I’m not competent to advise on any of your own suggestions.

However, you could create as many cards as you need that have the same Front - but different Backs.

So, if you have five pronunciations for the same expression, you could create five cards.

However, the flaw in my suggestion is identical to the flaw in your suggestions: There’s no way to mark a card “right” or “wrong”, which is the rationale of SRS. It’s simply guessing which guess will be presented as the answer.

You could reverse the card, and thus have the video on the front. Then guess whatever it is that you are supposed to be guessing.

For example, here are some cards that you might create to learn Scots dialects that vary from area to area - or even street to street. The assumption is that no visitor would want to learn the dialects - they simply might want to understand. Therefore the meaning goes on the Back - not the front.

For example,


Front (2 cards):



Front (3 cards):


I don’t know

Front (3 cards)

Ah dinnay ken
Ah dinna ken
Ah da ken