Study the same notes with different answers (card types?)

It will probably be best to describe what I want to do…

Here is my note (some fields):

So I would like to study this information in three different ways:

  1. Pronounce the letter: Present the Devanagari letter (front), answer is for me to correctly pronounce it (back would have the audio)
  2. Write the letter: Play the audio (front), answer is for me to enter the correct devanagari letter (back)
  3. Write the STENO stroke: Present the Devanagari letter AND play the audio pronunciation (front), Enter the correct STENO stroke (back)

If you aren’t familiar with Steno, it is machine shorthand.

So I see in Anki there is a way to create multiple cards on one note. But I don’t see any way to make separate study decks that use those cards independently (deck 1 uses card 1, deck 2 uses card 2, etc.). Also, I would want each of those decks to track history/success separately since I’m trying to memorize three different things.

So what is the right approach? Do I need to just have three duplicates of the notes in three different decks, with each deck having different cards associated with the notes? I’ll do that if I have to, but it will be cumbersome as everytime I want to add something, I’ll be adding it three times basically.


OK, before anyone answers…

I may have figured it out on my own. But perhaps someone else will have the same question in the same way.

Here’s what is looks like I do…

  1. Create three decks.
  2. For the notes add the three different cards.
  3. Sort by card type and drag the cards of the same card type into the corresponding deck.

I don’t know for sure yet if it will track progress for each deck independently (it should right?)

And when I import, I’m not sure how it will work with populating the import into all three decks…

OK, tried importing a new note. It ends up putting all card types for the same note in the same deck. I then have move the card types I want in other decks to the other decks as a second step.

So the answer is, “yes”, I can have multiple card types and study the same information in different ways in different decks with different cards. But when I import there is an extra step to get the card types in the right decks.

Am I missing anything?

In the card templates screen, there’s a ‘deck override’ option you can use to send cards of a template to their own dedicated deck.

Perfect! Thank you. That was the last bit.

For anyone following:
So, create your cards.
Use the deck override feature in the card screen to set which deck each card goes to.
Then import your cards.

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