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One note for 3 cards/questions


my notes for learning spanish vocabularies consist of (at least) 4 fields:
GermanWritten, GermanSound, Picture, SpanishAnswer.

Thus I have three cards with frontsides/questions:
GermanWritten → SpanishAnswer
GermanSound → SpanishAnswer
Picture → SpanishAnswer

In some cards the fields “GermanSound” and/or “Picture” are empty simply because I donot have the data.

Although the front side of card2 is


empty cards are produced, especially on Ankidroid (via Ankiweb) which I use for learning.

Clearly, I could make different notetypes for each case, but is there a simple way to do it with only one notetype for all cases? How?

If that’s all that’s on the front of card 2, and the field is blank, that should work, as should just {{GermanSound}}. You should be able to use Tools>Empty Cards to remove the empty cards, and if they keep getting generated by AnkiDroid, it may be worth reporting it as a bug to them.

Well, things work fine if the blank field is used in the backside of the cards, not so, if the blank field is used in the frontside. This was the reason for my question.

Sorry, I’m not following. Can you elaborate?

You are right. Seems to be an ankidroid problem. Sorry!