Custom Note Type creating cards with empty back

I have created a custom note type where the first field is the front for all of the other cards (I know what the back is because in the code are additions to the field, that allow me to distinguish the cards). The problem is that if I don’t put anything in the other fields, the cards still get created, even though the back is empty.

I saw the post about the issue by arencelliott, but the I do not unterstand what the solution means.

Can anyone tell me how to stop my note type from creating cards with empty backs?
Thank you

Can I ask what do you mean by all the other cards?

This one?

That’s the same solution I was going to suggest. Anki will create any card where the front will have something on it, without regard as to whether there will be something on the back. But you can interfere with that by wrapping your whole front template in a Conditional Replacement that depends on another field (or multiple nested replacements if it depends on multiple fields). Card Generation - Anki Manual

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