Is there any way to refer to media file name?

Hi, I downloaded a “French Pronunciation” deck, from here:

It contains some French minimal Pairs, when I study / review them, I find some pairs are quite hard to distinguish for me, thus wanted to modify the answer card, with the pair of words clickable so I can click to play the related sound file on demand. The pair of recordings are already in the card fields.

As far as I can go is like this:

<i>Do you hear</i><br><br>
<a href="#" onclick="var audioElement = new Audio('127-boeuf _y-A2.mp3');;"><div class=container>
<div class=box>{{Word 1}}
<span class=ipa>[{{Word 1 IPA}}]</span>
<span class=translation>{{Word 1 English}}</span>

<div class=or><i> or </i></div>

<div class=box>{{Word 2}}
<span class=ipa>[{{Word 2 IPA}}]</span>
<span class=translation>{{Word 2 English}}</span>
<br>{{Recording 2}}

<hr id=answer>

You heard: <div class=box>{{Word 2}}</div></b><br><br>

{{Recording 2}}

However, I would very much like to just change the card designs, to refer to the field, without going through each card to get the file names.
I tried to refer it like this:
<a href="#" onclick="var audioElement = new Audio('{{Recording 1}}');;">
or this:
<a href="#" onclick="var audioElement = new Audio('{{text:Recording 1}}');;">
both failed. As whenever a recording field referred, a play button will appear, and the recording will be played automatically.

Is there a way to refer to the media field file name (text) without invoke the play button and without autoplay it? Or is there a way to circumvent this, to achieve what I was trying?
Any suggestion would be welcome, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is not currently possible with sound tags. You can turn off autoplay if you don’t want any sounds to play automatically, but it’s not currently possible to disable it for only select elements.

I see.
It’s frustrating to see the file name texts right there in the fields yet I cannot refer to them.
Guess I have to give up this for now, hope in future we can do it.
Thanks :slight_smile: