MPV not working with a specific audio device 2.1.54


I’m using Anki anki-2.1.54-windows-qt5, but the same issue happened when I downgraded to anki-2.1.49-windows, add-ons being used or not. Both were fresh installations.

  • When I play the audio of any card, no sound comes out with Razer 7.1 Surround Sound chosen as my default output device. Any other form of media plays audio correctly.

  • The same happens when I play the file directly on mpv.exe located in C:\Program Files\Anki\audio

  • When I use “Check media”, it shows all my files as unused.

  • There is no issue with any other audio output device, even when it shows all my files as unused.

Is it possible to correct this? Thank you in advance.

mpv is a separate project; if you can reproduce the issue with the latest mpv version, please report the issue to them.