Can`t play any audio files

Opening up mpv and pulling the recordings in works fine, but the recordings wont play when using them from the cards. Everything works perfectly fine on mobile, so im confused why it doesn’t work on PC.
Version ⁨2.1.49

So far i have tried:
using beta version
reinstalling anki
recording new audio files
tested mpv by itself
creating new cards

Edit: also tried to download newer release of mpv and put the new files into the anki folder
Mpv seems to time out whenever an audio file should play
Tried some more stuff with cmd shell. Sound only seems to play when the option --force-window=yes is used.

Problem got fixed by closing Sonic Studio 3 before starting Anki.
As seen in this thread: Desktop Anki 2.1.35 No Audio Playback - #2 by heny
Credit to @kelciour for showing me this thread.