Desktop Anki 2.1.35 No Audio Playback


I am unable to play sounds when clicking the play button on the card.
I have double checked the file is present under the
Whenever i run anki-console.exe i see the error “mpv timed out, restarting”
I have updated mpv under the Anki folder and tried multiple versions.
I have found the debug console and here is the MPV version im using:
mpv 0.32.0-752-g34b8adc456

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After a lot of fiddling around i noticed that the mpv backend was not playing sounds either, so i was tracing the calls being made and I noticed that it was loading some “Sonic Studio” driver crap.
As soon as i closed that sound started playing both in the backend of mvp and Anki!!!

Thought of leaving the solution here in case someone stumbles into the same problem. Not entirely sure what the forum policies are.