Moving an ankidroid + 400GB media to tf card?


i read these past post that it is possible to move ankidroid onto tf cards.
i got a 512GB tf card.

since i am starting to bet on image occlusion, the media collection (if allowed on win10 PC), could be up to ~400GB.

would that be ok? thanks

the post of me asking for win10+400GB media:

the following are some links that say ok.
i haven’t verified my self:

there are quite many, i only included 2 that specifically say ok.

For the sake of performance and cost (I assume you will sync this library to AnkiWeb), consider trimming your media storage needs.

thx for reply,

the reason to such large collection is i want to batch-import PDF into basic note type first,
as told in the associated thread, at #4/bottom


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