On android 13, anyone could move the anki onto SD card? thx

in older androids, people claim to be ok:

i tried with my migrated ankidroid on android 13, no, permission problem.

any one success?

i am deadly wanting this feature, thank you.

ps, not officially supported

from ankidroid manual,
and in the app’s setting, there is already an option to choose folder.

could this be used to move the ankidroid to sd card?

indeed as many people say, the collection+ankidroid app can kept in internal storage,
only the collection media is large and need to be moved to sdcard.

there is little support over this,
i asked gpt4 but sometimes it create things.
but what it suggest, is that you simply insert your tf card, make a folder,
enter that path into the ankidroid.

next time when you run ankidroid, it will check the new folder,
if nothing, it ask you to sync – just like a new install.

will try.

i deadly need this feature.




Some less common features for advanced users are shown here

Collection path

Change the location where AnkiDroid’s data is stored (not recommended)


seems that the f-droid version support that,
just the google play version disallow.

will try.
if cant, will report here.

just forced by shamesung to android 14.
the f droid version way still works.
can still move ankidroid to the tfcard.

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