How do I migrate my storage in Ankidroid?

I am not seeing any option anywhere to do so.

Well, the message says this is not Ankidroids preferred place for support, then it says see “this page” for help. What page?

For help with ankidroid maybe they mean this page

I assume you use AnkiDroid 2.16.2. To migrate the storage, you need to sync with AnkiWeb at first. Then, a new icon should appear in the top toolbar.

There is nothing there.

Then, check what directory is in advanced settings. Maybe you are already migrated.

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Is this the old or new directory?

It is the old directory. Well, I tried AnkiDroid.B build upgrade from 2.16alpha1 to 2.16.1 and the migration is not there. Maybe the migration is available for the play version only(?) Not sure. Did you install 2.16.2 from Google Play or from another source?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yes, I installed it from Google Play.

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What version of Android do you have installed? I have one device with Android 9, where the migration button did not appear, and one device with Android 13, where it did appear.


Android 9.

Also, when I sync, the orange dot no longer goes away. But If I sync twice, it goes away the second time.

I believe migration only happens for Android 11+, as it only became compulsory then.

And I think the sync indicator issue has already been logged on their Github.

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I read syncing is faster if I migrate.

Is it impossible with Android versions below 11?

Syncing only became slower on newer Android versions with scoped storage, so there are no savings to be had on old Android versions.


I never timed it before, but I would have estimated that syncing became three times slower since the upgrade. But it could just be in my head.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try enabling the new backend in the advanced settings.

in which directory is the media collection saved after the migration…?
Because I used to save the file on an sdcard, not to fill des main drive…

This is the folder on my device, so yes, internal storage.

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