Can I copy user folder from windows to android?

My collection is around 15gb and i have bought a new tablet and do not want to go through syncing with ankiweb for the first time when setting it up on android. Can i simply copy user folder from windows and paste it in internal storage of android (and then rename folder to AnkidDroid)? Will it work with AnkiDroid?

Don’t just copy the user directory.

You can copy your collection manually as an export/import – AnkiDroid 2.17 User Manual . But you’ll still have to do a one-way sync when you setup syncing – it’s unavoidable unless you want to use manual-copying to keep them in sync forever.

Am I right in assuming that most of that is in, and not in your card database? You should run a Check Media on Desktop to clear out any media that is unused.

Then I think this will work –

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Yes most of data is in collection media
Thank you for your kind reply.

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