Size of media files (250 MB limit)


I’m coming to the limit of 250 MB and I’m concerned that I’ll be blocked from adding additional media.
The thing is that I need those media files to learn my subject (I need gif files which range from 1 to 15 MB each). I’m happy to pay for extending storage but I don’t see that option.

Please get back to me or what would be even better is to have option to upgrade my account to have additional storage (I estimate that I’ll need at least 10 GB within next few years and I don’t want to come close to the limit).

Another way would be to have ability to connect my Dropbox or Google drive cloud storage to store my media.

Thank you in advance!

With current prices of cloud storage that should not be a problem.
I guess the problem would be to redirect storage to be in a fully extendable cloud.

And I’m talking about introducing monthly fee of let’s say 10-15 USD per month which should easily cover costs of additional cloud storage.

I don’t think media files are limited to that limit.

Collections on AnkiWeb are limited to a compressed size of 100MB, and an uncompressed size of 250MB. This includes the text on your cards and the scheduling information, but does not include sounds/images, as they are stored separately.
At the moment there are no limits on the size of your media, although the size of individual media files is limited to 100MB.
Are there limits on file sizes on AnkiWeb? - Frequently Asked Questions

As the usage of Anki and AnkiWeb increases, at some point a pricing system may be introduced where basic, low-capacity accounts are free and heavier users can pay more for more space.
Are there limits on file sizes on AnkiWeb? - Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend you sync your Anki folder directly with a third-party synchronization service, as it can lead to database corruption when files are synced while in use.

If you just want to synchronize your media, you can link external folders into services like DropBox. Please see DropboxWiki: Sync Folders Outside Dropbox ( for more info.

If you wish to keep your collection in sync as well, it is strongly recommended that you create a script that copies your files from your synced folder to a local folder, launches Anki, and then copies the files back when Anki is closed. This will ensure that the files are never synchronized while they are open.
Managing Files - Anki Manual


If you still care about your collection size, I’d recommend checking out the new “Note Size” add-on, which displays note size in the browser and has the ability to sort notes by their sizes to quickly identify the largest ones.

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On this forum, one user asked how to sort notes by length. He needed it to find and edit large notes. Probably your addon could help with this if it could show the size without taking into account media files.


Unfortunately, current version of the add-on includes attachments into the note size.

Hi @Keks, in the recent 1.9.0 version of “Note Size” add-on I added ability to sort by size without media files:

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You can also use regex to filter cards with >= n characters with deck:[deck name] [field name]:re:.{[n],} replacing all square brackets with actual values (like deck:Math Front:re:.{100,}) and it gives only cards with >= 100 characters. You can filter out media by adding -<img (example for images) to search query like deck:[deck name] [field name]:re:.{[n],} -<img


Answering OP. You can convert images/gifs to webp to save space. Optimizing frames (for gifs) before conversion will reduce size even more. Some gifs when optimized and converted to webp are reduced from 10<20MB to <1MB.

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