Question regarding media folder and my death

Currently my media folder contains 193,746 files and takes up 8.37 GB. I have been using Anki for 551 days. Assuming this pace continues, which of the following is most likely to occur first:

  1. Anki / AnkiWeb becomes unable to handle the number of files in my media folder
  2. Anki / AnkiWeb becomes unable to handle the storage size of my media folder
  3. I die
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There may come a day when heavier users are asked to pay a fee for their usage: Are there limits on file sizes on AnkiWeb? - Frequently Asked Questions

In the mean time, by all means add images when they are useful, but please don’t add them just for the sake of it :slight_smile:

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Just curious, what’s your percentage of mature cards ? Are you able to review all your cards ?

Sure, this sounds reasonable

:eyes: weeeeeell when I watch a show I use subs2srs to make a card out of each of the subtitle lines. These cards consist of the text sentence on the front, and a screenshot + audio clip on the back.

The s2s bank currently has 91k cards. Each day I pull 10 cards out of the bank to learn. Tomorrow I’ll hit 6k cards in my review deck

My assumption is that storage costs will decrease at a greater rate than my data consumption. If this is the case, my effective storage usage will actually reduce over time even as I add more to the bank. I think I’m more likely to encounter issues with the file count first, but I don’t really know

This system isn’t really thought through / planned out, it’s just what naturally came about

I would simply delete shows from the bank as I finish watching them, but I’ve found the bank so useful as an easily searchable corpus of accurate audio + text pairs that I’ve held on to them all so far

If this will put too much strain on ankiweb I’m happy to look for a way to amend that somehow (eg setting up my own sync server, or manually copying the bank files between devices, or whatever)

Wow, big images? Maybe they should be scaled down?

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Small, just many. 1280x720 with lossy compression. The images and audio clips are about 40kb each on average

Where do I check my media usage?

Thank you, 150 MB with thousands of cards, I think it is a fair use, lol

Is it possible to access my images and compress them to reduce media usage?

Certainly. Not with Anki but there is lots of software for batch editing images.

If you have this option disabled, images will be compressed as jpeg when you paste them, which should be sufficient

Also, I have an addon that automatically scales my images down to a max height of 720 when I paste them in

@Thermospore at a rate of 10 cards per day, and 91k cards total, it’ll take you 25 years to go through it. Just want to point out that you’re creating a deck which you cannot possibly humanly review.

I have no intention to review the entire deck. It also serves as a corpus, as mentioned above

I would recommend moving the corpus to some other format, let’s say Markdown and Obsidian or something similar that actually scales for such large collections.

Thanks, I’ll look into those

Or RemNote. I use both Anki and RemNote. Anki for things like vocabulary cards, RemNote for review that benefits from context as well as general note-taking (so for example, my grammar flash cards are in RemNote). RemNote uses, I believe, the same spaced-repetition algorithms as Anki, but it is still fairly new so there aren’t as many controls as in Anki.

Also, you might consider using a screen capture utility (my favorite is ShareX) as a simple way to get images into Anki that have an appropriate resolution (i.e. not too big). Make it just large enough on your screen to be able to read/see easily, the clip only the part you need. It is like ShareX was made for Anki – you can do all sorts of things like add annotations or arrows, “blur out” sensitive parts, run OCR, etc.

p.s. RemNote can import/export Anki, but I’d be careful of importing very big files.