More time logged in Anki than spent IRL?

I time my anki reps with a timer, and today I took 53 minutes. However, anki says I studied for 1.03 hrs??


Usually the time given by anki is about 80% of my IRL time. Not to mention it shouldn’t be possible to log more time on the anki cards than you spent in real life.

Can’t figure out where this extra time is coming from and it’s bothering me a lot :eyes:

These are the cards I reviewed today, with the scheduling info included. If anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful. Thanks!

Is it possible to extract all of today’s reviews into a log?

[review id], [note id], [timestamp], [time spent on card]

This would make it easier to see what is going on

UPDATE ok I figured it out

afaict the .apkg is just a zip, so I extracted the collection.anki21 file. It appears to be an sqlite file, so I used this site to extract the data to csv files. The review log is contained in revlog.csv

graphing the timestamp against the time spent on card:

I had my sessions timed as 8 min, 25 min, and 20 min respectively. But the second session is clearly more like 54 minutes.

Just got a new phone. I think the 25m timer notification got delayed and I didn’t realize I had gone way over time…