"Missing file" message on audio, file is available and works in desktop version

I’ve recently been using a new deck with audio on the back. It’s quite large, 200+mb, and it works find when I’m using my desktop app. Audio plays as expected and no issues.

On the mobile app, however, the audio does not work. I get a “Missing file” message and am unable to play the audio. This happens for most of the files, but occasionally (<5% of the time) I hit one with audio.

I’ve tried Tools>Check Media and the files were not missing. I’ve also pressed “Synchronize” a number of times to no avail. Sync audio and images is enabled as well.

I’m not sure how to get this audio into the mobile app, or if I should just only use this deck with my desktop.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Please try ‘check media’ in the preferences screen of AnkiMobile - I am guessing it does report the files as missing there? If so, does the media sync log say that the sync has completed?


Exactly. Only thought it was available on the desktop app so thank you! There are a number of items missing there.

In the media sync log it does mention that the sync completed, multiple times. Right now (~18 hours later) it is adding new items (after it previously said the sync was complete).

Should I continue to wait a few days and retry the regular sync daily? Or would clicking “full sync” force a complete sync from AnkiWeb down to the app?

I realize what I’m trying to pull down is a pretty massive file set.

Please check if the same cards show media on ankiweb.net - if they do, it indicates the issue is on AnkiMobile’s side; if they don’t, the issue is with the computer version. If you log out of the device with the issue (preferences screen), then sync again, it will force a rescan of all media, and that will hopefully address the issue. Please let me know how you go.